This-disease-of-time-wasting-ironically-might-be-my-most-productive-state. Tomorrow


The silent ruler of my nights.

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”
Tomorrow is where it thrives.
Where the harvest of this vicious cycle is reaped.
And yet, with my full awareness, I let it begin again.
The Tomorrow Me can deal with it.
How much more can my future self, handle?
This disease of time-wasting ironically might be my most productive state.
It is amazing what our minds come up with while avoiding, perhaps, an even less daunting task.
“If I could just solve this unrelenting paradox…”


The worst enemy of those who fall victim.
And yet, if allowed more extra, the results would probably not change.

The real danger is Perspective Perception.

Tomorrow Me will always seem more willing than Today Me… Tomorrow Me, however, could not disagree more!
Today Me’s biggest regret is… Yesterday Me’s decision to allow Time to approach Tomorrow Me’s duty.

Savvy.Kate~the.Poet ~Savannah Moore~

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This-disease-of-time-wasting-ironically-might-be-my-most-productive-state. Tomorrow

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