Star of David

starofDavid-225x300 Star of David   Have you ever just looked at the Star of David?  I’ve looked at it for years.  I know it is on the flag of Israel. I know it was given by God.  But, what does it mean? It is a symbol.  A symbol of God’s people. Then one day about a year ago it Hit Me! I was sitting in a church service, taking notes and doodling. Two Triangles….really? It’s a picture of our identity in Christ.  We are in God and He is in us! Our body was made for the Lord. starofDavid-225x300 Star of DavidWe are in Him (Yeshua), as He (Yeshua) is in the Father. One triangle upon another. Representing One new man in Yeshua. To the Jew first and then the gentile.  One other tid-bit..the Creator’s triangle points to heaven, man’s triangle points to earth….Just something to ponder..

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starofDavid-225x300 Star of David

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