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Decreeing God’s Word

 Decreeing God’s Word A prophetic decree is not Prophecy— A prophetic word has life giving power. It releases faith in the person it is spoken over!  A prophetic decree goes beyond a prophetic word.  It is a word straight from heaven or something that is mandatory in the natural or…

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Identity Thoughts

Identity Thoughts As a new man in Christ….We no longer have a Sin Nature. What?!! you say…We are reborn, brand new in our Father’s eyes. Clean, no sin, by the Blood of Jesus. What we have are Sinful Habits. So, this being the truth about the life we live..Why would…

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Star of David

   Have you ever just looked at the Star of David?  I’ve looked at it for years.  I know it is on the flag of Israel. I know it was given by God.  But, what does it mean? It is a symbol.  A symbol of God’s people. Then one day…

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Good Vibrations…

May your sound reverberate in me…Abba Guest Post God in the Garden Mike Parsons –  There is a frequency of sound that is being released from heaven today: God’s voice. John 10:27 says, My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me.’How many of you are hearing God’s voice?…

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